Linn County Demo Garden

Located at 3700 Knox Butte Rd, Albany at the Linn County Fair/Expo Center

(on the north side behind the hotels)

2017 linn demo classesVisit often to see all the changes that occur and to learn more about gardening!

The garden showcases research-based gardening ideas. Find vegetables, flowers, herbs, as well as fruit trees, berries, grapes, sun and shade gardens, composting,area,  a living wall and more.

The Demo Garden was established in 1995-1996 by John Morgan MG and others.  In 1999 the Demo Garden officially opened. The Linn County Fair Board granted a site on the north side of the fairgrounds in 1996 for the garden area.  In 1997 John McEvoy received a grant from the OR State Environmental Health Dept.  From this grant tools and equipment were bought for garden.  The demo garden is now funded by the Linn County Master Gardener Association.  The garden was dedicated to the memory of Ray Simmons in recognition of his contribution to the garden.